Friday, March 09, 2007


A reader is asking about the practicality of forgiveness and how it works.
Forgiveness is a spiritual tool that simply open our channels to return to Love.
Where there is hatred, fear, anger, guilt, there is blocked flow of Love.
Where there is blocked flow, there is constriction and lack, littleness and limitation.

What we are sending out begets what we are receiving.
When we are withholiding the loving Essence we are, we are receiving limited Love from the Universe.
Blocks in one direction also block the other direction.
The healing work is to open the flow both giving and receiving with joy and gratitude.

When we are loving, we create an energetic Love aura which surrounds us.
In that Love, we are free from pain and hurt, blame and anger.
When our 'e motions" are truly "energy in motion", our whole life benefits.
Forgiveness is the tool to free our energy and return to Love.

Therefore, forgiveness is a gift to ourselves.
When we are forgiving of ourselves and others, we feel more alive, creative and open.
When we have forgiven our world (our one true function), we can experience the joy of being.
When we return to Love we are empowered with Spiritual vision and creativity.

In forgiveness we are the transformers and healers of humanity.
With forgiveness we remember our true essence and identity.
As forgivers, we see ourselves as healed, whole and holy.
True forgiveness returns us to our natural state of Love.

Perfect Love casts out all fear.
Perfect Love is the reason for our being here.
Perfect Love gives us everything.
Perfect Love is the gift we bring.

Loving you loving me, endlessly,
Betty Lue