Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Emotional Security

Seven Habits of Emotionally Secure People
Habit 1 -- Embracing Individuality

Habit 2 -- Employing Teamwork

Habit 3 -- Engaging Constructive Feedback

Habit 4 -- Establishing Boundaries

Habit 5 -- Empowering Others

Habit 6 -- Enjoying Success

Habit 7 -- Experiencing Peace

What a fabulous list…true, clear and relatively easy to assess and implement. Are you willing and able to be honest with yourself, to discover your own blocks and celebrate your own successes?

Awareness with non-judgment is healing.
The beginning of any movement, undoing, forgiveness, transformation is full awareness.

Do you appreciate and enjoy your individuality and uniqueness?
Are you able and willing to fully respect and cooperate with others?
Do you invite helpful suggestions and dialogue?
Are you able and willing to say "no" when it is in your best interests?
Do you mind your own business?
Do you encourage and inspire others?
Do you fully appreciate and enjoy life's successes?
Are you able to relax and trust all is well much of your day?

If there are blocks to your security and self love, begin to forgive those who taught you
And…forgive yourself for believing them and living in a way that denied the best for you.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Empowering begins early.
Words are “Good Job”.