Wednesday, February 21, 2007


It is the responsibility of parents to be responsible for teaching their children to be responsible.
But…if the parent never were taught to be responsible, how can they adequately teach their children?

It seems we have an epidemic of irresponsibility, lack of respect and cooperation.
I have wondered why?
The answer has appeared in this (for me) rather shocking realization:
Our children, youth and young adults, have never been taught to be responsible for themselves.

We are imprinted by our parents behavior, words and thoughts.
We learn by what we are taught.
If no one is responsible for teaching our young to be responsible, the results are vast and diverse.
  • Great anxiety and confusion about how to live in this world.
  • Uncertainty about growing up.
  • Depression, anger, disrespect.
  • Joining gangs, jail and the army for structure and rules.
  • Wanting to do nothing, lethargy and laziness.
  • Dependency on parents.
  • Entitlement,…thinking the employer, spouse or parents should provide.
  • Wishing they were not here, not born, not alive.
  • Drug use, prescription and street drugs.
  • Health problems.
  • Addiction
  • Escape into fantasy, video, internet, isolation
  • Thinking parents and grandparents should pay and pay for everything.
  • Investing in lottery, future inheritance and wishful thinking
  • Lack of enthusiasm about challenge, adventure, living fully
  • Divorce and decay of the family system and cultural mores

How can we rebuild a society of confident capable young people who take responsibility for themselves, their families, and their elders? How do we build respect, responsibility and cooperation as the norm?
How do we turn around our education, political and religious institutions to focus on doing Good rather than punishing, protecting and getting enough money?
How do we recreate a culture to support true individual responsibility in every man, woman and child?
How do we teach simple etiquette and ethical behavior?
How do we engender values that lead to realization of greatness in every person?
How do we support a world where everyone is healthy, happy and fulfilled?

I let go of everything that is not for the highest good in my life.
I choose again to live the model I want to see in my world.

Loving you,
Betty Lue