Thursday, February 08, 2007

Relationships' Responsibilities

What are we responsible for in our relationships?

Responsibility means our ability to respond.
If we are not present with our best, we are limited or unable to respond.
Our responsibility is to take impeccable care of ourselves, so we can respond with our best.
When we have erred in our impeccable self care, have neglected or abused ourselves we feel guilt.
Our guilt causes us to blame those with whom we are in relationship or withdraw our love.

So I ask myself: "How can I be fully responsible and able to respond with love?"

First, I can communicate directly, effectively, simply and without blame or guilt, what is true for me.
"Right now I am feeling….and I want (prefer, choose, commit, etc.)….and I am willing to ….in order to facilitate having exactly what I want."

My example in this moment: "Right now I am feeling rushed, focused and commit to giving the best I have from within my highest self.
I am willing to breathe, trust and know that all is perfectly provided for in this and every moment. "

Second, I can choose to give the best I have knowing that Spirit within me will fulfill my needs.
I can rest and trust and freedom. I can freely give the best I have. I can trust that my love will shine thru.

Third, I can listen within. I can listen to you. I can trust that my choice to love with full communication, and a willingness to give my best is exactly what is my responsibility.

When I am consistently giving my best to those around me, blame and guilt fade into nothingness.
I realize I am a gift of Love.
I fear nothing.
I encourage everything good and beautiful and loving.
I create meaningful communication.
I simplify my interactions.
I have a peaceful mind and an open heart.

Are you giving your best to your loved ones?
Or do they get what is left after you have given the best away?
Is there anyway you could give the best to those you live with?
Is there a way you can give the best to yourself?

To love everyone equally, with the best you have, eliminates, guilt, blame and fear.

Loving you consciously,
Betty Lue

You matter to me.
You matter to God.
Your matter to your world.
Make sure you matter to yourself.