Sunday, February 11, 2007

Peace Is Our Goal

Peace is our Goal.
Our life purpose is being truly happy.
And our function is to forgive everything that is not peace and happiness.

Full day today and the 22 month old twins just had their first overnight with us.
Yeah! What fun and exploring..

All is well for sure. The sun in shining in my heart!

Off to talk at Unity of Antioch on Relationships: The Path to Awakening.
Then back to Alameda for Miracles and Master Mind.
Then a Day spa logistics meeting.
Then some clients in my office in Pleasant Hill.
What an awesome and wonderful spirit-guided and inspiring life.

This is my Joy, so this is what God gives me.

Loving you in living your Joy!!

Betty Lue

Happy Girls!
Life is so wonderful when we know we are loved!