Saturday, February 10, 2007

Peace in the Present

What causes overwhelm is past-future tripping.
What creates fatigue is judging, comparing, evaluating.
What makes us crazy is trying to analyze, figure it out and decide.
What is right and wrong, better or worse, true or false, good or bad?

God goes with us wherever we go.
Love is within us now.
Peace is just a breath away.
The gift is in the present moment.

I can think my way into heck or hell.
Or I can forgive my way into peace and heaven.
I can choose for myself, making up that I know.
Or I can let go, listen and trust, there is Good in me that knows.

What would life be like, if we learned to listen within?
What if we can be as a child and let Love lead the way?
How fun, safe and easy would life be, if we trusted there is a Voice in us that knows!
How can we remember God and Good and Love are with us wherever we go.

The Gift is in remembering the Good is right here.
The Miracle is perceived when we realize Love is Present.
The Joy within inspires us to do and say what is healing.
The Light we radiate lights our way and inspires others.

Meditation, breathing, walking, cooking, singing, living is returning to the joy of right Now.
In the present moment, miracles of healing, peace,joy, creativity and laughter await you.
Staying present without judging anything is the freedom and trust of pure Love.
Give yourself a moment today of fun, safe and easy…life in bliss.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

You are created by Goodness, therefore You are Good.
You are created by Love, therefore, You are Love.
You are created by the Unlimited, therefore You are Unlimited.
To think less of yourself is to believe your Creator is wrong!
Pretty silly!!