Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Love Is Every Day!

While we seem to set aside special days to remember special events, everyday is the day to Love!

Life is for Giving.
You are the Gift.
It is in giving your Authentic Self that you recognize the Gift You Are.

We can diminish or exalt ourselves.
We can say our Love doesn't make a difference and belittle our part in the grand scheme of Life.
We can make ourselves the special One and claim powers of extraordinary proportions.
The ego will play both parts and then judge others for doing the same.

The Truth is each and every One is important to the Whole.
When any cell is not fulfilling its function, the body is impacted.
When any individual is withholding their Love or pushing their Greatness, no one benefits.
Yet, when we claim our authentic and essential part to play in the Good of the whole, all are blessed.

Yes, You are important to me.
Your warm smile touches my heart.
Your thankful words bless my life.
You make a difference in my life.

You are a teacher.
You teach by how you live and love and give.
You teach with words and in silent thoughts of forgiveness.
You teach by what you do with your time, energy and resources.

You are creating are world.
Your vision, your hope and dreams make a difference.
Your thoughts create.
Your responses to the worlds events engender healing or fear.

You are a mighty beautiful and bountiful presence in our world.
Your Presence makes a difference to everyone everywhere.
Trust this and live the best life your know giving the best that you have.
You will see and feel, hear and know you are making a difference.

I love you and bless your life.
Thank you for blessing mine.
Betty Lue

Don’t forget to love yourself really well, as you reach out with Love to others.
Whether you are 21 months or an ageless wonder, you are making a difference!