Monday, February 12, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Why not just give your best to everyone?
Would your world change if you extended Love to everyone you encounter?
Would you not teach everyone you meet to extend Love as well?
Can you see that our Real Work here is to Love everyone?

Now what is this thing we call Love?

Not infatuation.
Not romance.
Not commit to care for.
Simply seeing the Goodness and Beauty within All.

Spiritual Love is Trusting.
This is the trust that believes in and supports the Presence of Love in all.
This is the trust that encourages people to learn from the consequences of their choices.
This is the trust that believes life is a learning lab where we all are healing and growing.

Spiritual Love is freeing.
This is the freedom that supports letting go, choosing again and moving on.
This is the freedom that invites exploration, transformation and renewal.
This is the freedom that encourages ourselves to be authentic and to live in integrity.

I love you.
I trust you to choose what is best for you.
I free you to follow your heart without my clinging or expectations.
I trust you without fear or worry for your wellbeing.

I love you.
I give you my best in each moment.
I forgive myself when I forget to take impeccable care of myself and our relationship.
I choose again to be the Real Me, the authentic, loving freeing and trusting me.

I wish you a happy Loving Reminder's Day!
May this and every day be an opportunity for you to remember the Love is in you now!
Betty Lue