Friday, February 16, 2007


Whether you believe in mercury in retrograde or not…..glitches sometimes happen!

Have you noticed communications getting messed up?
Has any technology stopped working?
Has there been confusion in messages being missed or misheard?
Have your plans been disrupted or experienced interference?

Whenever we experience things not working, rather than blaming someone or feeling guilty,
simply choose again to be clear, concise and direct.
Remember negative emotions cause more interference and block the flow of healing and positive energy.

Be responsible by being able and willing to respond with forgiveness and respect.
Be responsible by being open to being mistaken.
Be responsible by choosing again for the highest and best you know.
Be responsible by staying at peace and extending Love.

Trust Love is the healing Power.
Trust forgiveness clears the Way.
Trust Peace is the way to Joining.
Trust Happiness is our natural state.

Give your best to everyone all the time.
Especially give yourself the very best you know in thoughts, emotions and inspiration.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Enjoying every moment!