Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Benefit Those You Love

Our greatest gift to those around us is to teach by example.
Words are meaningless when we forget what we are teaching.
Words create resistance when we do not live what we preach.
Words are barriers to real relationship when we neglect to give our best.

Respect, Responsibility and Cooperation are the key needs in all relationships.

How do we teach respect?
Treat everyone with equal respect.
No matter how they behave, treat all with the kindness you would give a guest in your home.
No matter who they are, remember simple courtesies, like please and thank you.

How do we teach response ability?
By being responsible…always giving our best.
Take such good care of yourself that you are available for the requests of others.
Be on time, be clear and concise.
Respect others' time and timing.
Make appointments to talk with no interruptions.
Give the other your full attention.
Set aside other tasks or ask to talk later when you have time.
Keep your agreements or change them ahead of time with apologies for the inconvenience.
Acknowledge that every9one's time is important.

Cooperation is best taught and practiced after establishing a trusting and respectful relationship.
Life is a classroom with everyone a teacher and everyone a student.
Take time to assess the needs of all participants.
Honor the language, the current state and willingness of all parties.

When you are not experiencing the level of relationship you want, forgive all and choose again.
New beginnings are helpful to return to the basic awareness state.
Check out both inner and outer cues.
Listen within to get clear about how to proceed.
Always respect yourself and others.
See beneath the surface personality.
Focus on the Good that wants to shine through.
Give everyone credit and appreciation for their level of willingness.
Begin again with the desired outcome in mind.
Create an inner vision of the highest Good for All.

Holding you in the Highest regard.
Taking responsibility for the quality of our relationship.
Cooperating with God in you and me and seeing us loving one another endlessly,
Betty Lue

This is how I love you and you and you!