Thursday, January 25, 2007

When You Disagree

When you don't agree with a partner, teacher, coach, doctor, friend, boss, advisor or counselor,
what do you do?

Disagreement is natural and helpful to discern where there are blocks to listening, learning and Love.
Disagreement is the opportunity to look for similarity and find avenues for understanding.
Disagreement often discloses what is not working in our relationships.
Disagreement is an invitation to listen more, learn more, forgive more.

When we quit on ourselves or the other in disagreement, we are abandoning the peaceful way.
When we defend ourselves or try to win, we are creating more barriers to Love.
When we are afraid of losing and withdraw from the opportunity to learn, we are separating.
When we compromise just for a feigned harmony, we lose our integrity and strength.

There is a way to listen to both parties to find what the underlying Truth is for both.
There is a way to hear at a spiritual level where there is a need to protect our beliefs.
There is a way to believe that what in the best interest of both parties.
There is a way to let go and learn, a way to forgive and share, a way to find happiness for all.

When you disagree, ask yourself if you really know what the other wants.
When you disagree, ask yourself what is more important than the stuff of the disagreement.
When you disagree, listen to your heart for a better way to respond.
When you disagree, listen for the place of misunderstanding.

My experience has taught me…
There is only a need for forgiveness and trust in all disagreements.
There is always a desire for easy flow and peace.
There is a call for focus on safety, security, belonging for both.

When you disagree, instead of arguing to win……
Try listening within.
What is it that you are seeking to find, seeking to prove, seeking to defend, seeking to experience?
Ask within, what is it I can do to bring peace and easy agreement to both of us, so we can return to love.

Is it OKL to disagree?
Is it safe to disagree?
Is it loving to disagree?
Is it helpful to disagree?

When there is no righteous attachment and judgment of ourselves, the other and the positions being taken, it is easy to let it all go and move on.

We disagree…SO WHAT?…we still and always will LOVE, RESPECT and TRUST one another.

Loving you loving me loving you, Betty Lue

This makes me laugh with gladness in my heart!

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