Tuesday, January 09, 2007


What we value increases.
When we value our fears, our fears increase.
When we value our needs, our needs increase.
When we value our friends, our friendship increases.
When we value our money, our money increases.

This is the universal law of attention, attraction and increase.
Where we spend, time, energy and money defines what we value.
When we spend time on see ing doctors, our time in medical care is valued.
When we spend energy worrying about a problem, the problem increases with our valuing.
When we spend energy focused on how our bank account won't balance, it s value is increased.

For those who want fun, safe and easy living, my simple suggesting is value what you value.
Turn away your attention and expenditure of time energy and money on that which you wish to decrease.
Give attention, gratitude and delight to your joy, to how you make a difference, to working relationships. Where you place value and give attention, you will experience an increase.

I value the opportunity to share with you these loving reminders.
I value every experience that leads to greater inner peace and happiness.
I value spending time, energy and resources on building spiritual community and activities.
I value staying connected with the Good and the God within.

I am loving you,
Betty Lue