Thursday, January 18, 2007

Trying to Understand?

If it is personal insanity, upset or judgment, just let it go.
What we focus on, analyze, we are usually enhancing, increasing and even making REAL.
Personality "stuff" is so filled with leftover grievances, resentment and history it is distorted.
About the only gifts we can give, is to not take it personally and listen with our heart to the feelings.

Under every upset, concern, judgment, criticism, suggestion, inter-fear-ance is a past similar.
So when we give advice, we do it from our own perspective.
When we past judgment, we come from our own experience.
When we have upset feelings, they are remembered from often ancient memories.

To heal our own lack of peace is the first step to being a peaceful listener and healing presence.
To come to inner peace through forgiveness and gratitude is the walk we must take to counsel another.
To awaken our connection with spirit within , the clouds of guilt and blame must be dissipated.
To bring Light to any one, we need a clear conscience, open mind and grateful heart.

When our buttons are being pushed in defense of another or ourselves, there are leftovers present.
When we are claiming we are right and another is wrong, we are feeling separate and defensive.
When we are judging we have been falsely accused, attacked or misunderstood, we need forgiveness.
Life is an opportunity daily to see what is calling for healing from our past.

I am responsible for the experiences I am having.
I can heal my own self judgment and guilt.
I can clear my own fear and defensiveness.
I can become an open and willing channel of love and gratitude.

My real work is always to save myself, to heal my pain, to remain peaceful and trusting daily.
When I am at peace, there is nothing to do but keep on loving you.

Let it go with Love.
Love always prevails.
Our only mistake is when we forget to Love.
Listening is one beautiful silent way to facilitate the healing process for yourself and others.

Loving you,
Betty Lue