Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Parenting, Partnering, and Relating

Sitting in front of me is a brief article: Parent Smart: "Five Foolproof Rules of Parenting".

I want us all to realize, when we get it right, we get it right for everyone and all our relationships!
Apply these to everyone you know, everyone you meet, everyone you think of, including yourself.

Laugh a lot together.
Laughter dissolves, fear, reduces stress and sends happiness juice through you.
Laugh for silly simply reasons, never at one another or at the expense of another's feelings.

Get moving. Start doing things together.
Stop sitting in front of that screen, doing nothing.
Activities together build confidence, camaraderie, teamwork, responsibility and cooperation.

No labels or name-calling.
Don't pigeon hole one another…The "smart one", the "whiz kid", "tough guy", "cranky woman", the "clown". Respect that we are each ever-changing, growing and evolving.
Labels are projections we place on one another, expecting and helping to create that behavior.

Read together.
Read to one another.
Share what you are reading with one another.
Just be together, quietly reading.
Reading activates the imagination, encourages inner creativity and visioning. High skills.

Catch kids, partners, co-workers and even strangers doing good.
Compliments and positive attention increase helpful and kind behaviors.
It alleviates using fighting and negative behavior to get attention.


If you have other rules for creating better relationships in our world, send them my way.
I would love to share them with the 900+ recipients of these loving reminders.
I know there are thousands more who receive these practical spiritual (inspirational reminders) because you forward them onto your friends and family member.

I know we are all in this together creating a better world, one relationship at a time.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

These are two very happy children with whom I have the privilege to relate.
We practice the relationship rules above. They work for all of us.

They are Lila and Harper, our 21 month old grand daughters.

We have the privilege of spending 13 hours/week together.

We laugh, read, play, go to the park and say “Thank you” a lot!