Sunday, January 28, 2007

Improving All Your Relationships

Today at 10:30AM at the Home of Truth spiritual Center where I am co-minister with two others, I will be speaking about Relationships That Work!

Definitions of "Relationships" often seem to imply only primary relationships with a significant other.
For me, the same ingredients must apply to ALL relationships, (children, elders, clerks, providers, etc.)

Definitions of what "works" vary with our history, expectations and personal needs.
For me, relationships that "work" are harmonious, respectful and cooperative. They are fun, safe and easy.

Life "works", when we are guided by Joy, the spirit of whole and holy life that lives within us.

When our ego, emotional learned little self runs the show, we victimize ourselves and others with manipulation, win/lose and endless comparison, complaints and criticism.

Relationships "work", when we are conscious and committed to heal our own pettiness and stop playing or perpetrating vicitimization. Stop finding fault and blaming ourselves or others.

The simply practical methods will vary for each one of us.
We all must be willing to Stay Awake. Stay Conscious and Conscientious. Pay Attention. Be respectful of yourself and the other.
Never point out the flaws of unconsciousness of another (unless you are sincerely asked.)
Take stock of how you created the situation through your own expectations, behavior, words or history.
Practice never-ending and constant forgiveness of everything that is not wholly true and totally loving.

In the end, with the undoing of everything that is not Love, only Love will remain.

Note: If you allow yourself to be or feel harmed by the situation, another's words or behavior, you are participating in that cycle of guilt/blame and perpetuating what does not work.
To remove yourself from harm is an important aspect of "Do no harm!." It harms others to be harmful.

If you are the conscious Presence of Peace, your conscious forgiveness and Love can heal the lack of Love in another. Be faithful to the gift of your Loving. Be the Love You Are in all relationships.

Loving you in your loving,
Betty Lue

Wow! Our baby Brother is 10 weeks old . He is better than our baby dolls!!