Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

Today begins my ninth year of offering my daily inspirational inner guidance for you and those who wish to receive them, daily or weekly via email.
I thank You, me and Spirit for letting me know how they make a difference both personally and globally.

Today' reminder will include a pot pourri of possibility.
My Peaceful and Relationship Reminders little books are still available for $10 plus mailing costs.
You are invited to stop receiving my reminders at any time, with my unconditional trust and blessing.
You are invited to add people to my list who request that you do so.
You can join Robert and I in Hawaii on Retreat both in March and in July, and in Asheville, NC in May.
You can join my Living Ministry Program long distance if you are called.
You can invest in audio and/or DVD tapes of my Sunday services at The Home of Truth spiritual Center.

Key Questions and New Year Processes which may be helpful:
What are five accomplishments you achieved in 2006?
What supported you in those accomplishments?
How can you ensure that you maintain those supports in 2007?
What disappointments, disillusionment and denial did you experience in 2006?
How were you responsible for allowing it to happen and what did you learn?
What can you do to ensure that you will not deny or disappoint yourself this year?

For those who are interested, read the Numerological Update (see menu bar on the left):
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Betty Lue