Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Equality and Appreciation

All of us are equal, when we are living our Truth and giving our best.

When we are withholding or giving less than our best, we feel unequal.
When we feel unequal, we often try too hard to impress or prove our selves.
When we feel less than the other, we may criticize, compare, judge or fear the other.

The fastest way to equalize your relationships, especially when you feel guilty, envious or resentful,
is to fully appreciate the other and your self.

The fastest way to dis-empower and diminish yourself is by criticizing, comparing, being envious or resentful and giving less than your best.
When you withhold love and appreciation you feel separate.
When you see others with full appreciation and open-mindedness, you feel happy, free and fulfilled.

What you give, you receive from within.
What you feel within, comes from what you believe and think, say and do.

Where you give what you have, you have given from fullness without losing anything.
Where you give based on duty, obligation, expectation or threat, you experience loss and lack.
It is valuable to consistently give your best to everyone equally to experience the best in you consistently.
It is helpful to validate and appreciate what others give in order to demonstrate how you value yourself.

Equality and Full appreciation go hand in hand.
Give your full appreciation to everyone wholeheartedly with your thoughts, words and deeds.
Let go, delete, undo and forgive judgments, comparisons, criticisms and give your appreciation.
Where we can appreciate those in our world, we are encouraging them to give their best.
Where we are appreciative of others, we will experience appreciation for ourselves.

Loving You with full appreciation,
Betty Lue

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