Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Back to Basics

Do you know how to balance a checkbook?
Can you save more than you spend?
Are you able to make a cake from scratch?
Do you know how to fill out a resume?
Can you forgive someone's ignorance?
Are you able to sleep on the ground under the stars?
Can you climb a tree, catch a fish or plant a vegetable garden?

Are our children being taught that work is good?
Can they iron a shirt or blouse?
Do they know how to play a game and feel good when losing?
Can they have a meaningful conversation for an hour?
Are they able to sit through a concert or play and enjoy it?
Do they reach out in love and gratitude to their elders?
Can they let their mistakes go with easy learning and letting go?

Many have forgotten (or maybe never knew) how to live without struggle.
Many have no memories of families laughing together and enjoying the company of one another.
Many have never been taught how to handle money wisely with respect and gratitude.
Many have learned unnecessary fears of nature, people, government, rules and work.
Many are ignorant and do not know so do not trust what are the basics of easy living.

Where you are ignorant, gather information and education.
Where you do not know, find a mentor or coach who does.
Where you are scared, create a safe place to bring you reassurance and comfort.
Where you are resistant, be patient, kind and gentle with little learning one step at a time.
Where you want to learn, be open and willing.

Where you are ready to learn, find a teacher with whom you resonate.
Where you are aware of mistakes, forgive them all with Trust in God.
Where you are teaching your children, go slow and easy matching their pace.
Where you are leading others, give appreciation, love and inspiring Guidance.

I found many years ago that where and when I forgave myself for my mistakes, they were erased from my past and the past of those with whom I was mistaken. Forgiveness erases all past mistakes.

I am forgiving us all,
Betty Lue

It takes conscious willing loving beings to raise an angel to live on Earth.
Let us live our best and give the rest we all need to feel safe, happy and loved.