Thursday, January 11, 2007

2007 Normal New Year

Every year, every day, every moment we have an opportunity to create a new normal for ourselves.

What is your new norm?
Are you choosing to get up with a positive attitude?
Are you setting aside a little outdoor exercise daily?
Are you creating a smile and friendly greeting for everyone you meet?
Are you honestly going to eat what is best for your body?
Are you open to managing your paperwork in an organized way?
Are you honoring your family by sitting down to eat with them daily?
Are you agreeing to read to your children daily?
Are you willing to pay your bills easily and on time?
Are you giving to a favorite charity monthly?
Are you forgiving the memories that seem to hurt you?

New years give us a chance to begin again.
Every sunset is an opportunity to let the past go and choose again.
All forgiveness recognizes the past is not here.
Every breath is a new infusion of life right now.

What is your new norm?
Create your new life right now.
Bring into the present, today how you want to live everyday.
Each time you step in the right direction, you are stepping into a new norm.

I am willing to let go of those choices which no longer work and choose again.

Easily with gratitude, I choose again,
Betty Lue