Tuesday, December 19, 2006

What Is True?

What we believe we make true for ourselves.
What we believe we are teaching others is true by our belief.
Our joy is to believe only those things which are good and wholesome and beautiful.
Our work is to forgive and erase those things which appear bad, unhealthy and negative.

"By their faith they will be healed."
Life is the opportunity to remember what we have forgotten.
Life is the experience we have given ourselves to atune with our spiritual nature.
Life is the opening of mind and heart to listen and follow Spirit within.

While it may appear we are victims of our circumstances or relationships, they are teaching devices.
We are here to remember, learn and teach what is wholly good and wholly loving.

We may let the darkness teach us to be dark, rather than bring our light to the darkness.
We may let fear teach us to be afraid rather than call in the love within from our spiritual Self.
We may let limitations teach us to be limited rather than choose for freedom of belief.
We may let apparent lack teach us to believe in poverty rather than be grateful for our Abundance.

Every circumstance is an opportunity to see it with judgmental 'endarkened' filters or see it differently.
The same circumstance can be perceived and received as curse or blessing, problem or solution.
What we do with life is our learning experience.
Knowing when to "hold 'em, fold 'em, raise 'em or laugh"…is our choice.

In this time of long nights and short days, we are given the option to stay in the dark,
wait for the dawn, or simply listen within and live as the Love and Light we are.

My prayer for us all in this season is to believe in our reason for being here now.
My prayer for us all in this time in history is to consistently live our purpose.
My prayer for us all in our own place in being is to give ourselves the respect we deserve.
My prayer for us all in this moment is to love yourself well and share your love with all others.

We are here to create a world of teaching and learning, giving and receiving the Love We Are.
Loving you,
Betty Lue