Saturday, December 30, 2006

Time to Forgive

Life is for giving!
When we are giving the gift of our Love, we are living Love!
When we are contributing our joy, we are happy!
When we are offering are peace, we are peaceful!

When we forget to give, we are in stuck.
When we are stuck and not giving ouselves, we experience pain and dis-ease.
When we are withholding the Love we are, because we fear or judge, we cannot see clearly.
When we are unhappy and in conflict, we offer confusion, distortion and upset.

Life is for giving.
Dump the toxic material in the toilet of life.
Do not puke or poop on others or on yourself or God, but let it go with ease and gratitude.
Clear the way to be giving only the highest and best by letting go of the rest.

Life is for giving.
It is in giving ourselves fully that we really recognize the Gift we are.
When we are withholding, defending or resisting Loving, we experience of lack, littleness and limitation. In the experience of lack, littleness and limitation, we are afraid, separate and disconnected from Source.

It is fun, safe and easy to forgive.
It is fun, safe and easy to Give.
It is fun, safe and easy to Love.
It is fun, safe and easy to receive Love.

Life is fun, safe and easy when we are willing to undo and release what is un true.
Life is abundant, magnificent and miraculous when we let go of our fear of Loving.
Life is Spirit-guided, inspired and inspiring when we live the Love we are.
Life is joyful, loving and peace-filled when we freely express the Highest and Best we know.

Let us commend ourselves to Spirit and commit ourselves to Love.
We are the Ones to remember Love is our Natural State, the reason for our Being Here.
When we are living our Purpose and giving our Best to everyone always, we are whole and happy.
Life is for giving. Let's go for it Now!

Loving you,
Betty Lue