Saturday, December 16, 2006

Sage and Simple

At the wedding reception an elderly gentleman offered this simple advice:
"If you are wrong, admit it. If you are right, shut up!"
This will save relationships, stop fighting and create an environment of love and understanding.

The human ego tries to defend, protect and excuse itself when wrong.

Rather than admit error, ignorance and wrong-doing, the fear-based personality often accuses, justifies or blames someone else.
The most effective way to correct relationship stresses is to acknowledge within oneself:
"I feel…..…I want…….. And I am willing to change this in myself…….."

The least effective way to affect change in another is to blame, accuse, punish and make the other feel guilty.
Guilt intimidates, interferes with conscious choice and sets up a repeating pattern

Therefore when we interact and want change, healing and transformation, give the space and mirror of loving kindness with silence.
This allows the other to see and hear themselves without interference.
In this silence there is opportunity to forgive oneself and choose again.

Loving you in the simple way today.
Betty Lue

I will be emailing and posting our calendars of events both in Alameda, Pleasant Hill and travels to NC, MI and HI in 2007.
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