Friday, December 29, 2006

Relax and Let Go

Someone asked if I was having a relaxing and restful holiday this year.
I thought you might like to know how a peaceful and loving spirit-guided me experiences the holidays.
Just for a little piece of my everyday peace.

This holiday has been event-filled. My 85 year old mother has been with us for the last 11 days. It is a blessings that she is not only very well, but happy and fulfilled in her rich life of service in Asheville, NC. We have spent almost seven full days with family, either in their home, (Fresno, Petaluma, Alameda) or ours in Pleasant Hill, plus several days of inspiration at the spiritual center in Alameda, Friday Fellowship in Pleasant Hill and caroling locally on Christmas Eve and attending a candlelight service at our local Unitarian Church, which of which Mom is a member in Asheville.

Pumpkin, apple and chocolate Pies and my special sour cream coffee cake, all from scratch, turkey and homemade stuffing, salads and veggies, and much more, since I totally love to cook (a meditation for me.) Beautiful music, lots of card games (hand and foot is a family tradition), three movies (Pursuit of Happiness (GREAT), Nativity Story (Good), and Who Killed the Electric Car? (Ugh, hard truth to get, but we have a fabulous Prius so that helps!) and Monk (Mom's favorite). Still with all that everyday loving reminders, several emergencies and lots of appreciation and good news too! When viewed rightly everything can be seen as a blessing.

As we near the New Year, I am reevaluating the year gone by, taking note of all the accomplishments, gifts of learning and blessed events. I am forgiving, where I have over-given or under-appreciated what has been. I am giving thanks for the Spirit of Good that lives in me and through me. I am so honored to be available to share, as I receive and teach what I am learning, remind everyone of what I am here to remember. This is especially a time to choose wisely the direction of my next days and years, by letting go of those things, people and thoughts which hinder the full free expression of God and Good within me. Where I am critical, doubtful or fearful, I am called to either change my attitude or forgive and choose again. God, the Infinite Source of Power, Presence and Love, wants us all happy and free. So I choose happiness and freedom, trusting only and always in the Love I Am.

May this be the gift you give yourself this New Year's as well.

Loving and reminding us all as One,
Betty Lue