Thursday, December 14, 2006

Prayers of the Heart

It is not your words that are received and believed, but the prayer of your heart.
Words are simply symbols of symbols, our best representation of our thoughts.
Our heart is expressing its desire for an experience of more love and joy, peace and harmony.
Our ego may be seeking to control the specific outcome, getting more of something for ourselves.

When we are conflicted wanting this and wanting that, we are affirming some of both.
Contradiction in our desires often cancels out results or generates mixed results.
"I want change, but I don't want the uncertainty of changes or to control the changes."
"I want this, unless it causes that…."
Yes, but …what about this…"

It is essential that we recognize when our desire is an avoidance of pain, lack or limitation.
Within the prayer of defensiveness is the experience that we seek to avoid, thus affirming its reality.
The Truth "What you resist, persists", recognizes our creative power to create what we don't want.
When we seek to prevent an experience, our mind pictures that experience we seek to avoid.

Thus prayers of the heart come from a forgiving mind, clear of fear and anger, hurt and defensiveness.
Prayers of the heart come with an enlightened mind which hold no judgments, doubts and uncertainty.
When the mind is quiet, open and receptive, we hear and receive the guidance of Spirit within ourselves.
When we have forgiven our past and are fully present, we can affirm what is True and Whole and Loving.

"My mind automatically erases everything that is no wholly True and Loving."
"I now receive the word of God and Goodness throughout my day.
"Everything I receive, I give and it returns to me multiplied in Goodness and in Peace."
"My life works as I give it to God and the Abundant Love and Wholeness that is my inheritance."

Prayers of the heart need no words.
Prayers of the heart are filled with freedom, faith and Joy.
Prayers of the heart seek only to give a world of Love and Light to All.
Prayers of the heart sing with gratitude for what is, was and always shall be.

Love God and goodness with all your heart, all your mind and all your life…
And that Goodness and Godness shall be yours always in all ways.

Blessed be all creation. The blessings already are.
Betty Lue