Saturday, December 23, 2006

Peace on Earth

Peace on Earth begins with Peace in me.
So I am laying down to breathe, reflect, rest body and mind.
Here it is two hours before family arrives and I am called to rest for 20 minutes or so.

What is it that is my real gift?
The Peace of God.
The Peace that is a quiet mind.
The Peace that is my inheritance.
The Piece of God that I AM.
The Peace that brings hope and joy.
The Peace that follows forgiveness.
The Peace that awakens us to gratitude.
The Peace that make us feel safe and secure.
The Peace that gives us understanding.
The Peace that reminds me there is only Love.
The Peace that heals.
The Peace that we are here to reclaim.

May I remember today and in every gathering to represent the Peace of God I AM.
May is give myself to Love and give the Piece of God I have been given to Live.
May we, you and I be united in this simple offering to the Light and Love within each one.
I am loving you,
Betty Lue