Sunday, December 24, 2006

My Christmas Prayer

Dear One and All,
Christian, Buddhist, Pagan, Atheist, Sufi, Jew, Moslem, Hindu and whatever else you may call your faith.

By whatever name or path we come together, every encounter is holy.
Whatever excuse we use to engage in dialogue, celebration, or even arguments, all encounters are holy.
However we say prayers of gratitude, forgiveness, request or just plain crying out, our words are holy.
Whomever we see as brother, friend or foe, the family of man is holy.

Holy is another word for whole, good and beautiful.
Holy is the way we see through the woundedness of history to the holiness inside all.
Holy is the password to healing. As we love, we heal. As we reveal, we heal.
In our healing, we see all are created whole and holy.

My prayer for us is that we let go of our apparent differences and see our oneness.
We are united in our divinity and humanity.
We are here to heal our fearful perceptions.
We are called to remember forgiving corrections.

As we stop seeing our differences, we can claim:
United we stand, divided we fall.
Forgiveness heals anything and everything.
Our history does not define our future.

I know we all see safety and security for our children.
I know we all want to belong and contribute.
I know we all want to love and be loved.
I know we all want freedom to express and care.

This is enough for me to know, we are brothers and sisters.
Young and old, rich and poor, simple and sophisticated…Underneath the apparent surface differences there is One call to fully and freely be who we are here to be.

May this season symbolize the birth, the new beginning of a conscious recognition that humanity is all seeking the same Peace, the same Love, the same inner Joy and the same Freedom to be.

I am loving you with a heart that is True B'Lue,
Betty Lue
Wishing you a wonderful holiday of inner quiet and outer appreciation.

These two little 19 month old girls are learning to share the joys of working and playing together.
Everything we do is so much easier when there are two or more of us.

If they can learn to work together, even with laughter and the tears of frustration, so can we.