Wednesday, December 13, 2006

It's a Good Day!

Make this a every day good for you.
Be giving yourself a Good and Godly Day, you will be gifting all others as well.
Choose the best thoughts filled with love and gratitude.
Choose the best words filled with respect and trust.
Choose the best activities filled with joy-filled creativity.
And you will know the perfect happiness that comes from inner peace.

Life is forgiving and you are the gift.
Wrap yourself in beautiful wrapping paper.
Wear you joy with dignity and self respect.
Polish your gift of Self so you shine bright in a world often dimmed.
Share your inner beauty with the realization that is ti God shining through.

By revealing the Love in you, you are a living Loving Reminder of what awaits everyone.
It is only in refusing the Gifts within us that we cannot freely give them to our world.
It is by feeling guilty and withholding our love that we become sick with despair.
It is with total forgiveness of all errors, past, present and to come that we receive what is ours.

Forgive and remember your wholeness.
Forgive and turn up your inner light.
Forgive and freely share the Love You Are.
Now it the time and You are the One.

Loving you,
Betty Lue