Friday, December 15, 2006

Each Day That You Forgive

"Each day that you forgive, the effects of all the world's mistakes are melted as snow into a burning fire. No more guilt, no more karma, no more fear of what may be. For you have met yourself and declared your innocence, and all that follows is as natural as God.

No more birth, nor old death; these were just ideas. If you should come again to help a few more to find the way, so be it; but you are not a body, you are love, and it matters not where love appears to be. For being love, it cannot be wrong. The day will come when pain is impossible, love is everywhere and truth is all there is. You've longed for this forever, often silently and without knowing it. The knowledge of what you are is more certain now, and love has forgotten no one.

The day will come when the world will sing the song of spirit instead of weeping tones that hide the voice for truth. The day will come when there is nothing left to forgive, and celebration with your sisters and brothers is in order.

And then the day will come when there is no more need for days. And you will live as one forever in the holiness of your immortal reality."
(sounds like ACIM . Sent to me by a friend.)

If you attune to these words, soak them up and let them play through your life like the lyrics of the great tabernacle choir. You are all this and more. In you, the Son shines forever and ever without end.

If you do not attune to these words, know this…….
In the greatest darkness, a light must come to show the way.
In times of trial and tribulation, a song must be sung that will awaken the hope of the people.
In times of suffering and sacrifice, someone must prepare a great feast in which all will remember the abundance of Goodness that is theirs.
In times of forgetting, we can be the voice of remembering.
So let it be said, you are that light.
You are the song.
You are the preparer of the feast and the one who remembers.

This is your time.
Be glad you are here to be the One.

Loving you,
Betty Lue