Wednesday, November 29, 2006

True Prosperity Now

How Much Do You Give?

The ego asks only what will I get from this?
How much money?
How much love?
How much fame?
How much loyalty?
The learned egoic personality feel needy, limited, lacking and little and seeks to fill its own needs.

The Spirit asks only what can I give?
How much time, energy and money can I give?
How much can I love?
How much can I appreciate?
How much can I persist and be true?
The natural and essential Goodness within is full of freedom, abundance and magnificence knowing its Unlimited Source.

When we hesitate, we get lost.
When we doubt, we are conflicted.
When we fear, we withhold.
When we question, we wait.
When we deny, we separate.
When we evaluate, we judge.
When we compare, we feel unable.

When we respond, we are willing.
When we trust, we feel strong.
When we love, we contribute.
When we believe, we act.
When we affirm, we join.
When we see wholeness, we heal.
When we are helpful, we feel whole and holy.

Life is an opportunity to give the best we have and the Good we are.
What we give we strengthen, increase, affirm and enjoy.
When we withhold our best, we weaken, diminish, negate and feel depressed and discouraged.
Experiment by spending a day each way. One makes you sick. The other makes you Well.

Loving you as you give the very best and let go of the rest with appreciation and kindness.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

December Events

Dec. 1 Full Moon Drumming Circle, Miracles, Messages, Mindfulness, 7-8:30PM PH
Dec. 2 Blue’s Do-Be Team Renews Home of Truth Spiritual Center, 9-1PM Alameda
Dec. 3 Welcome Sunday, Spiritual Alchemy:"Transform Your Life into Gold"10:30 A
Dec. 8 Miracles, Messages and Mindfulness with Living Ministry Candidates, 7PM PH
Dec. 15 Miracles, Messages and Mindfulness: Meaning of the Season....7PM PH
Dec. 22 Winter Solstice Celebration: Bring inspirational gift to share. 7PM PH
Dec. 24 Christmas Eve Service, Awaken: "The Light is In You Now" 10:30AM A
Dec. 24 Caroling in Alameda Nursing Homes: Your Loving Presence wanted! 12:30PM A
Dec. 25 Christmas Caroling in Pleasant Hill at local Nursing Home 1:30-3PM PH
Dec. 29 New Year’s Ritual : Release with Gratitude and Choose with Trust , 7PM PH
Dec. 31 New Year's Eve Service: Let go with Gratitude, Create with Joy, 10:30AM A
Dec. 31 New Year's Eve Workshop: Begin with Forgiveness and Spirit, 1-4PM, $15-25 A

A= Alameda at Home of Truth Spiritual Center, 1300 Grand St.
PH= Pleasant Hill at Center for Conscious Living, 140 Mayhew Way, Suite 200