Saturday, November 04, 2006

True Giving is an Expression of Gratitude

When we feel blessed by life, we seek to bless others.
When we have Goodness, we seek to give Goodness.
When we are grateful, we give ourselves with Joy.
When we feel loved, we are effortlessly loving.

True giving seeks nothing in return.
True giving comes from the wellspring of Good inside.
True giving is a gift of thanksgiving.
True giving is like surfing a wave.

When we give from the goodness within, we reclaim our own true God nature.
When we give from the fullness of Love we are, we remember how great the Gift.
When we give from the appreciation for life itself, we increase the value of the life we have.
Our worth is increased with each act and word and thought of appreciation.

When we are full of it, our Love bubbles over.
When we are connected with Source within, there is no limit.
When we remember our Essence, we are inspired to bring it forth.
When we consciously and consistently love ourselves, we love everyone of us.

A good theme this month of November is Thanksgiving, so why not?
A happy way to live is with open-mindedness and appreciation, so why not?
A healing mindset to hold is an attitude of gratitude.
A transformational way to relate is with full appreciation of every blessing everywhere.

Let's do it and change our world.
Give thanks and watch Goodness grow.
Betty Lue

Wow! Scary girl!
Mommy and Daddy knew starting next year they will want to be princesses!

Grandma let me play with her phone purse....

The best part...Candy...Except I don’t know what it is yet!
So only wrapped pieces get played with.

Readjusting my bolts. Bolts are uncomfortable, you know.

Sitting on the steps waiting for all the trick or treaters!