Tuesday, November 28, 2006

State of the Union

For Betty Lue and my Holy Work here,
through Reunion Ministries, Creative Solutions and the Home of Truth Spiritual Center

Finances: I live on faith, trusting in the provision of God the Good present in each one and everyone that I might continue to serve well those who come my way. My work is to forgive littleness, lack and limitation and be grateful for magnificence, abundance and freedom.
Our income comes solely from contributions for the work I do, so that I might continue to do the work! I am grateful everyday.

Work: I joyfully live giving and receiving, teaching and learning with everyone, in every activity, always remembering Love is my Natural State, the reason for my being. My work is my spirit guided play, 12-16 hours each day, for which I receive fulfillment, inspiration and contributions for about 20% of my time.

Relationships: My Relationship with Robert is one of respect, love, trust, co-operation and true partnership united in our willingness to serve God, the Good with everyone. This relationship is healed and holy. All other relationships are filled with the extension of our Love for God and serving the Highest Good. We are at peace as we practice forgiveness and gratitude every moment.

Home: Our home is beautiful and simple, clean and orderly, healing and peaceful. It is our sanctuary of remembering.

Diet: Our diet is healthy and simple, with organic foods prepared ourselves from scratch.

Exercise: Our exercise is natural, working on the Home of Truth Spiritual Center's renovation, maintenance and our own home, as well as walking and playing with our five grandchildren three days/week.

Health: Using the body as a communication device, we are here to Love, serve and remember, trusting God is the healer. The body responds to spiritual direction and serves healing and holy purposes.

Spirituality: Remembering Spirit (Joy) in all things is the way we continue to teach and learn, giving and receiving the unconditional Love of our Source. Remembering requires us to utilize prayed, affirmation, inspirational reading and observing, practicing the power of now and always forgiveness and gratitude.

Service: I continue to serve everyone who comes seeking guidance, counsel, reminders or inspiration. My life is living in loving service everyday in every way, giving the Highest and Best I know. I seek only to give abundantly and live joyfully, fulfilling my heart's longing to experience inner and outer peace, happiness and love for all creation. I am happy and free fulfilling my given function and purpose.

Your Part in the Plan:
A spiritual process for you.
What is the state of your Union with Self, with Source, with those who are with you through life?
I encourage you to write out your current state now.
Take a deep breath of forgiveness and then write out your ideal state.
If you choose to share with me, I will join you in affirmative prayer that you might easily live the life you seek now.

I am loving you as I love myself with these Loving Reminders.
May you remember what your purpose is.
Never quit on yourself and you will succeed.

Betty Lue

Yes, I am holding you now with the Love of God in me and You!
This is baby Beckett and all of God’s children in Grandma’s arms...(only 19 days old).