Saturday, November 18, 2006

Saying "No" with Love

Are you permissive or restrictive?
Do you say "No" first and then consider the alternative?
Or do you say "Yes" first and then dread what may be the outcome?
Or do you say "Yes" and let the chips fall where they may?
Or say "No" just because it is easier?

In these reminders I encourage trust and freedom.
I encourage learning from experience.
I encourage taking impeccable care of oneself.
I encourage treating the other as you want to be treated.

To respond based on the past or some external rule may not always be the best choice.

As I look around, I see permissiveness based on fear of resistance, tantrums and threats.
I see letting things go just because it seems easier that fighting the system.
I see allowing wrong-doing and harm simply because it doesn't win friends.
I see "going along to get along."

I also see restriction, setting rules and restraint coming from fear.
I see laws that attempt to keep bad guys in jail without rehabilitation.
I see rules in institutions to keep large numbers of people conforming to the status quo.
I see restraint of children, not just for safety, but for the convenience of the care givers.

Saying "Yes" and saying "No" can both come from fear.
The experience is the same with constriction of energy and limitation of Spirit.

Let us listen to the Voice of Love.
Whatever your spiritual or religious background, there is Love in You waiting to be set free.
There is a Loving Presence, God, Higher Power, Holy spirit, or whatever you name, guiding you.
There is a place in you where you can ask and receive answers for the Highest Good of All.

The Loving way always is worthy of your trust.
The Loving way will always encourage more freedom of choice.
The Loving way listens and responds authentically.
The Loving way is the voice of reason, the voice of no harm, the Voice of Highest Truth.

Take the path least traveled.
Stop and listen within before you answer automatically.
Stop and feel your love and trust within, before quickly going along or saying "No".
Give yourself to the Loving Way, and know great peace in freedom and trust to choose.

Loving you,
Betty Lue