Thursday, November 30, 2006

My Beliefs

For those of you who care.
No, I do not make corrections in what I write.
These are written straight from my heart to you, as I listen inside and give your the highest I know and hear from within.

Before I share my current beliefs, know that I know these may not be your beliefs.
I totally and respectfully honor your beliefs.
I know that we each choose beliefs that work for us.
We hold beliefs that resonate with our best understanding of ourselves and our world.

I believe in the Essential Goodness in everyone and All One,
as the One Son, the Loving Creation of a Loving Creator.

I believe many have lost their innocence and "Inner sense", believing in evil, sin, violence, greed, suffering, lack, pain and punishment.

I believe that is it the Holy and healing work of the ones who remember, to awaken the rest from the dream, the mis-creation of good and evil through forgiveness, gratitude, and Love.

I believe forgiveness erases the past and leaves only the blessing of Love and Gratitude.
I believe that Love truly is trusting in the Holiness in everyone and freeing us all from the blocks to living Love.

I personally have inner relationship with Jesus, Holy Spirit and the Voice of God, with a deep abiding faith in the ability of everyone to listen and follow their messages of healing, trust and Love within themselves.

I believe every one of the Creator's children have their own unique path to follow and life experiences in which they can choose to awaken to their own intrinsic worth and natural God-given Gifts and purpose.

I believe that our true goal is the Peace of God, which we are all here to experience and extend to others.
I believe that our life purpose is to find and follow the path of joy, inner happiness and contentment.
I believe that our one function is to forgive, erase and undo everything that is not true and loving.

I believe I am here to be helpful when asked.
I respect all paths and persons, as each does their best to awaken and remember.
I speak, think and live the highest Truth I know.
I honor God, Source and Creator, by honoring the Creation.
I am grateful for my willingness to be happy and to continue living what is Good for All.

I believe I am perfectly provided with the Abundance I need for every Good and Godly work I do.
These are the Truths I am called to remember and share in this moment with you.

Loving you with a heart that is true.
Respectfully shared,
Betty Lue

I would love to hear your beliefs, if you care to share them with me, knowing I will hold them respectfully.