Sunday, November 19, 2006

In a Hurry?

That's me. …. Addicted to getting a lot done in a short time.
I prefer moving quickly.
I prefer not to linger.
I prefer bottom line communication.
I prefer getting to the point.
I prefer working together rather than talking about it.

I could judge myself and make it wrong.
Or I can love myself and trust my natural speed.
I vibrate fast. I move quickly, think and act quickly.

I have learned that "He who hesitates is lost." is true for me.
I enjoy envisioning and manifesting the vision with the least effort..sometimes none at all.
I enjoy just "doing it".
I appreciate the sense of fulfillment and accomplishment at the end of each day.
I value the way Spirit works, when "I" get out of the way.
I am grateful that I can listen within, act with faith and receive instant positive results without thinking.
I love the way life flows easily, when I am not damming or damning my energy.
I breathe, move and have my Being in Spirit, the Unlimited and Infinite Creative Power.
I live in Joy in serving the Highest good for all without worry about my own needs.
I sing praise and glorify the Good that is in us All, as we fully and freely express our own God-given part.

And when You honor yourself and your natural flow, I say "Yes", Please do.
I know, when we all live true to our own being, we win and never lose.
We find ourselves thinking and speaking and doing Good works, because we are happy and in love.
I trust and honor your rhythms, just as I trust and honor mine.

Letting go and letting God means that I let go of all that blocks the natural flow of God's Good in me.
Letting go and letting God means no comparison, judgment or fears about living true to the Good in me.
Letting go and letting God means listening within and honoring the Truth I hear for the Highest Good.

I am loving you as I freely live the Good I hear within,
Betty Lue
Love is Freedom and Trust