Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Gratitude Lifts our Consciousness

The gift of Gratitude lifts both giver and receiver into Love.
The gift of thanks speaks volumes about the one giving thanks.
The opportunity to fully appreciate opens the way to appreciate oneself.

I am soooooooo grateful for you, the recipients of these Loving Reminders.
You are the reason I keep on remembering Love.
You are the excuse I use daily to listen within to the Spirit of All that is Good and whole and beautiful.
You are the blessing of willingness, open-mindedness and Love in my life.

The wise giver gives to those who receive.
I bless you for receiving what I am called to give.

When you partake of Thanksgiving dinner, know all humanity is blessed with your sincere thanks.
When we look in another's eyes and consciously acknowledge our gratitude, we offer healing.
When we take another's hand and extend our appreciation, we bless their life with our love.
When we bow our heads with respect for those who have gone before to awaken us, we are reminded.

It is with thee mind of Goodness and Gratitude that we change our relationships.
It is with the thoughts of forgiveness and Love that we change our world.
It is with the heart of compassion and kindness that be heal ourselves.
All states and strategies of love and appreciation make a difference.

Love someone today.
Give appreciation to those you serve and the one who serve you.

Know that your life is made better with your gratitude.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Off to Portland, OR for two days with family.
Saturday Painting the HOT cottage and other renewal.
Sunday- Sunday Services at the Stockton Unity, "When in Doubt, Be Grateful".