Tuesday, November 14, 2006


dis-ease = lack of peace = separation = illness

All disease is Spiritual.
It comes from our belief in separation from Source.
It comes from thinking we are not united and at One with God.

All disease is mental.
Illness comes from our thoughts of limitation, lack and littleness.
It generates from generations of false teaching and learning.

All disease is emotional.
It is born in our fear-based reactivity.
It comes from forgetting only Love is Real.

All disease is physical.
Where we believe in separation, in false teaching and fear, we engender fear-based physical experiences.
We give ourselves proof of not God and not Good in our bodies, finances, relationships and our world.

To remember our wholeness, we must connect with source.
To remember our wholeness, we must forgive our unloving thoughts.
To remember our wholeness, we must clear our fears.
To remember our wholeness, we must forgive our errors and extend our love to everything and everyone.

We must know, speak and live the Truth.
We must realize our magnificence, abundance and freedom.
The infinite created us creative.
We are here to remember and realize our essential nature.

We must remember,
Love is the answer.
Love is the response.
Love is the Truth.

There is nothing else to think, to say, to do.
I love you. This is True.
Betty Lue