Thursday, November 16, 2006

Communication Glitches

Have you noticed what you do when what you say isn't coming through?
Have you realized when others are not receiving what you are giving?
Have you understood how to handle another's resistance, resentment and competition?
Just keep noticing with peace in your heart.

When there is a problem, upset, disagreement or glitch in the flow of love, it is a wakeup call.
Awareness with non-judgment is healing.
Love is the healer.
Forgiveness is the solvent.

Forgive all judgments and fears you may have.
Choose to love no matter what may be the obstacle.
Keep on noticing what is being seen, felt, and heard.
No that under every pile of poop is a pony.

Within every circumstance is a seed of Love waiting to be nurtured with Love and Light.
Under every outburst of resentment and unkindness is a call to love and be loved.
All want to be seen and heard, known and loved.
Everyone wants to feel safe and valued, acknowledged and free to actualize.

Take the time, after the fact or even during, to watch, awaken and be inspired to Love more.
While Love is feared, distrusted and often refused, the deepest nature of all beings is a longing to be loved.

Do not quit on loving, simply because another's ego resists or judges, negates or ignores.
Do not quit on giving, simply because another is fearful of trusting in the unconditionality of the giver.
Do not quit on communication, simply because the other walks away or over-talks your desire to share.

Simply gently with ease and confidence move around the obstacles and continue to love in a new way.
Explore and experiment with loving, giving, creating and communicating.
Look for the openings, the common place to meet, the opportunities to be fully and freely received.
In a world where people often experience disappointment and more blocks, it is vital that we support one another in giving Love no matter what.

Loving you in your loving,
Betty Lue