Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Being Present

Practicing the Presence means recognizing the presents that are always present.
Being present means remember the gift you are wherever you are by giving the gift of your True Self.
Being fully present means letting go of the past and not seeking the future.
Mindfulness, meditation and miracles are all gifts and requirements of being here now.

Whenever I am lost in regrets about the past, even what I just said or did, I am not here.
Whenever I am wondering, worrying or planning for the future, I am not here.
When I am not home, I miss all that is Good, Beautiful and Abundant right now.
So I forgive my mind for wandering, leading me away, and invite it to return.

Give the mind the assignment of gratitude, seeing the Good in the Now, and it obeys.
Give the mind the job of noticing and it obeys.
Give the mind permission to be still and it obeys.
Give the mind the holy work of blessing all that is, and it is compliant.

Our mind is meant to serve our holy purposes.
Our emotions are meant to fuel with love and joy our holy work.
Our body is meant to activate our holy activities and givingness.
Our life is meant to be a living example of loving, giving and being truly helpful to All.

When we are following in the way that is highest and best, we are happy.
When we are living in the ways that are generous and giving, we are at peace.
When we are forgiving our fears and judgments, we are in love.
When we are expressing gratitude for all that is, we are the Presence with our gifts of appreciation.

Loving you and me in being the Gift we are,
Bless us all in our true healing and holy work,
Betty Lue

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