Thursday, November 09, 2006

Baby Brother of Lila and Harper

Baby Boy was born at 8:35AM on Nov. 8, 2006.
He weighs 8# 20z., almost 20 inches long.
Good coloring and suckling with the first hour.
All are well and very happy.

Lila and Harper will understand more when he gets home.
Right now it is books and stories from family they see and hear.

Just as in our lives, we really don't get what miracles are possible until we experience them.

Look for the miracles in life.
Be open to see with eyes of forgiveness and love.
Give appreciation and open-mindedness to everyone.
See the best and consider the rest a call for healing.

Life is a spiritual emergency.
These physical lives are the emergence of spirit in humanity.
Our walk on this earth is the opportunity to inspire and be inspired.
We must learn to walk toward the light, rather than focusing on the darkness.

Give yourself to Love and Love with come to you.
Life is forgiving and you are the gift from which you Give and receive Love.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Yesterday was with Lila and Harper ( 18 month twin girls) in Alameda from 5:30AM until 6PM.
Off to Petaluma to be with Gia and Sofia (8 yrs. And 1 yr old) and their Mommy and Dad all day.
Friday to be with Lila and Harper and prepare for their Baby Brother and Mommy coming home.

This weekend our Living Ministry Programs plus all those who see live life a more spiritual life!
What an awesome and wonderful life.
Give Love wherever you are called and your life will be filled with unlimited Joy!

“First time to play in our backyard on this structure. It was inside before. Grandpa cleaned up all the debris from the remodeing guys. Yeah Grandpa. Now we have a yard to play in . Wow! And he still takes us to the BIG playground every day.......”