Tuesday, October 17, 2006

You Are Love

Think Love
Feel Love
Be Love
Do Love
Have Love
Give Love
Receive Love

You are Love.

Let go of the thoughts words and activities that are not Love.
You will see and feel and be Who You really are

Anything that is not Love is not real.
Anything that is not Love you can heal.
Anything that is not Love is not true.
Anything that is not Love is not You.

Can you imagine what your life would be if you could always see and feel and know the Love You Are?
Can you imagine what others would experience in your Presence if you only gave them the Truth?
Can you imagine how glorious everything would see if you could always see the love within?
Can you imagine how fun, safe and easy life would flow is you only let go of everything unlike Love?

Love is Who You Are.
I know it.
We are Love.
United in Love there is nothing we cannot do.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Glad to be back at my computer keyboard.
Had a wonderful time in Asheville, living and loving.
Spent quality time with my Mom, helping, playing games, eranding and more.
Great time with a few friends doing workshop stuff, envisioning our ideal life.
Went to Unity Center with Chad and Lyte O'Shea for spiritual infusion.
Walked the glorious land of Spirit Rock Sanctuary, outside Sylva, NC being co-created by our spiritual sisters, Melissa and Jacquie Skye, site of future Reunion retreats with Betty Lue, Robert and many others.