Friday, October 27, 2006

Missed Something?

Whenever we miss a learning, the lesson is repeated.
When we miss being with someone, we keep thinking of them.
When we miss an opportunity, it keeps coming to mind.
When we miss a communication, we are haunted in our thoughts.

Often in life we are presented with lessons and experiences, we need to heal and handle.
When we ignore, avoid or simply neglect what is before us, it repeats itself again and again.
Life is a failsafe classroom in which we are given infinite chances to pass the same exam.
Every situation, relationship and experience becomes a lesson in Love.

In our haste to judge, to fear, to excuse the upsets that come our way, we may bypass the gift.
The gift of dealing with, healing, being with, accepting, forgiving what is before us is Peace.
When we have appropriately forgiven our judgments and given our Love, we feel whole.
When we have spoken our Truth, offered our blessings, accepted what is, we are complete.

And we know it is done, because it is done.
We know it is finished, as we exhale our gratitude.
We know this is the end of the lesson, because we feel rewards.
We know because we are at peace and what was is gone to be replaced only by Love and Happiness.

There is no harm in missing the obvious.
It just takes time to do it over again.
There is no problem in re=experiencing the same issue.
It simply calls us to let go and let God.

Let Love and Goodness prevail.

Clear your mind and heart of all that is blocking your awareness of the Light and Love within
and you will see and know and shine Light and Love without.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Do you get stuck in life??
Have you ever gotten distracted in the middle of what you were doing?

This amazing moment was first a somersault and then Wow! Something to do!