Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Masks and Fears

What masks do you wear?
What fears are you hiding?
How are you defending yourself?
In what ways are you deceptive?

When you know your heart, you can hear the Love and Goodness you are.
When you know your Creator, you will know and your Real Self.
When you remember your calling, you will be peaceful and content.
When you live what your heart knows, you will be trusting and free.

The masks we are wearing may be more subtle than this eves.
The roles we are playing may be seeking to please.
The lives we are living may just be cover-up.
The words we are speaking may explain why and because.

Who are you really is often messy, not neat.
With our heart's yearning, we can choose trick or treat.
The trick is to discover the real You under the mask.
The treat is to live everyday with Love as our task.

When you remember, there is only Love deep inside.
There is nothing to fear and nothing to hide.
You take off your enhancements and find what is Real.
You open your heart/mind to live what you feel.

The treat of remembering is freedom and fun.
Your fun, safe and easy has really just begun.
Life is as good, as you give of your true Self.
Life is forgiving as you find you're really God's Elf.

Written in 8 minutes without editing, it's true.
I just listen inside and write everything new.
There's really no trick, just not judging what I Say.
Listening and writing is God's Holy Play.

This is my Treat for You!
Betty Lue
Here is pretending to be Mommy or Dad.
We practice to play the parts that we see.