Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Make No Assumptions!

We never really know what another is thinking, feeling, or saying.
We can confirm what we believe with our verbal feedback and request for verification.
Even then the other's filters, life experience, beliefs and state of their inner world is different than ours.
We can assume in our Essence that all humanity want something similar: survival, safety, belonging, accomplishment and self actualization. But we never really know until we ask and understand.

To live our highest potential follows after all the other hierarchy of needs are satisfied.
When we listen deeper than the words or temporary feelings, we can find a more essential truth.
When we listen without our own projection of feelings, attitude, beliefs and state, we can see more.
When we listen to see how we can be helpful, we can hear the calling to receive and give Love.

With the basics of survival and safety needs being met, each will to look for where they belong.
To find where we belong, we seek to know it is safe to be.
To be safe to be requires that we be valued even with our differences, our neediness and our defenses.
To begin to feel safe allows us to dare to dream to create and accomplish.

When we step out to do, to be, to express, we want to be seen and known and loved.
When we give our best, we want to be received, not criticized or rejected.
When we give our best, we want to be appreciated.
However, in our socialization, where we are not received, we will notice and make other choices.

I cannot assume what your needs are.
I cannot know where you are in your life learning path.
I cannot see what needs to be healed.
I cannot understand what it is like to be you.

The best I can do is to be me.
The best I can do is to express with the love and respect I have for myself.
The best I can do is to be open and willing to be a safe place where you will let me know who you are.
The best I can do is to make no judgments, allow trust and freedom to prevail in our relationship.

The best I can do is to forgive whatever seems to inter-fear.
The best I can do is to ask for clarification, and make it safe for you to tell me your truth.
The best I can do is to not take your thoughts and feelings personally.
The best I can do is to keep my agreements and make no assumptions.

The best I can do is to always keep loving both me and you.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

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