Thursday, October 19, 2006

Letting Go

Did you know when you let go of what you no longer need, it makes room for what is to come?
Did you know when you let go, you relax, release and allow more good to flow into your life?
Did ou know when you let go, life seems to flow with more fun, safety and ease?
Did you know when you let go, you feel an expanded capacity to love, learn, listen and create?

Letting go is not only fun, safe and easy, it is what is really true for health, happiness and abundance.
Letting go is the path of true creation which is the realization of what is good, beautiful and whole.
When a sculpture creates, he visions and lets go of everything unlike that which he sees within.
When you sculpt your life, look and listen within for your desired experience and let go of everything unlike and unsupportive of your desire.

Less is more.
In a culture of acquisition, cover-up and sugar-coating, we sell by appearance and appealing to our senses.
In a culture of simplicity, disclosure and reality, we encourage letting go of limited options and freedom of choice for the highest Good.
In a simple life, we are grateful for what we have and let go of greed, envy and desire for more.

When our attention turns to respecting and valuing what we have, we can observe our appreciate increase in value.
When we care for what are our true values, we watch our emptiness and neediness disappear.
When we bless the bounty in our lives, we experience the richness of our relationships, our work and play.
When we are willing to undo what is not true and loving for us, we uncover and discover what is true and loving.

Life is Good, when we see it with grateful eyes.

Blessings of gratitude for you and to you,
Betty Lue

Letting go is a blessing. Choose what is true and loving for you.