Sunday, September 17, 2006

Love Yourself More

Stop wasting energy on judging others.
Spend your energy on loving yourself more.

When consumed with gossip, we lose energy.
When judging others, we fatigue ourselves.
When criticizing and blaming, we lose our way.
When forgiving ourselves, we find our peace.

When we blame someone for the problems we have, we leave the source.
When we find fault with those we allow to lead, we lose our power.
When we complain about the ills of the world, we fall victim to life.
When we forgive our lack of faith and fortitude, we choose again for what is ours.

Our holy work is to see things differently.
When there is a call for work, let's roll up our sleeves and do it.
When there is a call for love, let's open our hearts and give it.
When there is a call for vision, let's open our eyes and see it.
When there is a call for hope, let's open our mouths and share it.
When there is a call for faith, let's open our minds and be it.

When we are loving ourselves whole and holy, we can hear the need.
We can find the faith.
We can share the joy.
We can forgive the wrongs.
We can teach the willing.
We can reach the healing.
We can celebrate the being.

Life is a gift when we love ourselves.
We are the gift of Love, Trust and Freedom given to one and all.
Give mightily.

This is our True Prosperity for our Posterity.

Full and free, giving mightily.
There is no limit with Goodness and God within.
Betty lue