Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Come and play with us.
Come and learn with us.

Come and heal with us.

Come and serve with us.

Classes begin next week.

-Awaken Your Authentic Self

- Relationship Coaching for Singles and Couples

- Inspirational Fellowship "Miracles, Meditation and Music

For those of you who seek to serve as messengers of Love, perhaps you are called to our Living Ministry Training Program. It does not teach what to believe or how to practice, but rather facilitates your learning how best to serve others with compassion, respect for differences, responsibility and creative cooperation. The Reunion Living Ministry Pr
ogram works for those locally and long distance. If any of these programs sing to your heart, let me know. We are all here to be truly helpful to one another. Betty Lue

Note: Full Moon is Thursday at 11:43 PDT

When life gets intense, how do you relax and release excess energy?
When there is distress, how do you manage that stress?
When you watch others 'lose it', how do you offer peace?

Do you stress about being stressed?
It would help to simply be aware of what you are experiencing.
It would help to stop judging or fearing the intensity of life.
It would help to ride the waves with consciousness and gratitude.

Life seems to intensify with full moon, trying times, health crises and major disappointments.
How we deal with the intensity is our choice.

Those who let the intensity take over, may feel like they are drowning.
Those who fight the intensity with drugs may feel like they are out of it.
Those who fear the intensity will never end, may suffer.
Those who trust, "This too shall pass." And "let go and let God", are comforted.

Find your highest and healthiest way to deal with intensity of energy.
Sing, dance, run, exercise, breathe, meditate, read, laugh, contribute, share, express, create, rest.
Listen within to your own body, mind and Spirit and ask, "How can I find peace?"
When we are sincerely asking for help, help comes. But we must follow the inner direction.

"Let it be. Let it be. There will be an answer. Let it be."
Betty Lue

You are the One!