Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Holiness is our Natural State

If every interaction with people is holy, then doesn't that take away the "special" nature and quality of what is holy? If every interaction is "healing," when do we have those interactions that wound us? The ones that we are "healing" from? DM

We were all created by Holiness and wholeness as Holy and Whole.
We were all created by our Creator to be creative.
We were all created by unlimited and unconditional Love to be free and unlimited and unconditional.
Love is our natural state.
Freedom is our natural state.
Unlimited is our natural state.
Whole is our natural state. (‘Holy’ and ‘Whole’ come from the same root meaning.)

Since we "fell" into 'sin' (meaning error or 'off the mark' in Greek), we lost our way, forgot our Truth.
We, human consciousness, has been suffering, struggling, forgetting, judging and sinning ever since.
This is our "wound" and our error.

In relationship we see, feel and know our errors (sins) in others and in ourselves.
Condemning the errors, continues them.
Guilt binds the "sin' in our consciousness and blocks the flow of healing.

Forgiveness erases the errors and frees us from the past.
Spiritual forgiveness is an eraser filled with love.
What remains is no past, no wrong, no guilt or regret.
This awakens the essence of Love=freedom and trust

Human forgiveness sees the error and grants pardon to the doer.
What remains is remembering and defending against further wrong-doing.
This keeps us in the unconscious belief in fear, defense and essential sin and evil.

All relationships are for the purpose of healing.
It is our function here in bodies to practice forgiveness and erase our belief in error and sin, unholiness and woundedness.
When we cry, they are really tears of sorrow for the Holiness we have forgotten.

True forgiveness sees with the eyes of Healing and Holiness and extends light and joy to every other mind. We only need to see the Holiness in our brothers. Everything unlike Holiness is always a call for Healing and Love.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

This is a call for help and healing!
She is acting like a demanding child.
It is easy to condemn and judge.

It is also easy to laugh and find amusing.

But most importantly love responds to her holiness with help.

Don’t forget Jewish New Year and Fall Equinox on Friday.

We will be having a fabulous Gathering Friday evening with Music, Meditation and Miracles.
“Life is meant to be both Healing with Peace and Celebrating with Joy.
In the holy (healing) space of Love, both Peace and Joy exist.”
All are welcome.