Monday, September 11, 2006

Clear the Fear

Love is Letting go of fear.
Joy and laughter dissolve fear.

Gratitude blesses what we have.
Appreciation increases what we value.

We are living in a reign of terror, because we are terrorizing ourselves with incessant fearful reminders.
Leaders gain power through scaring their followers which creates more dependence on the leader.
Politics and media often use scare tactics to get people to buy through sensationalism.
Authorities are strengthened by giving them attention.

What we pay attention to, grows.
Our attention feeds what we focus on.
When we focus on fear and violence, we experience more fear.
When we forgive (erase, release and bless), we experience more love.

Consider turning off scary media, movies, radio, and walking away from fearful conversations.
Consider turning off your own scary thoughts and imaginings.
Consider letting go of what you seek to undo in your life.
Consider giving attention to good news, loving responses and healing relationships.

We have choice in what we see and hear, what we say and do.
We can undo what we seek to not be true in our lives.
We can erase negative thinking, limiting beliefs and reinforcing the problems in society.
We can focus on doing good, seeing good, being good and appreciating the goodness we experience.

We are love Itself.
We are here to create what is Good and beautiful and Holy.
We choose the experiences we want to have and invite Goodness into our lives with gratitude and Joy.
We are here to celebrate the diversity of all humanity and honor the Oneness within our differences.

All of us seek to Love and be loved.
All of us seek to improve the lives of our families.
All of us want to give our very best to promote what benefits and blesses our children.

Love is the way.
Through education, healing and fellowship we encourage freedom and trust among all peoples.
Begin within you inner self and your family.
Teach only Love.
You will see how peace and Love and Joy begin within.

Loving you each and every day,
Betty Lue

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