Thursday, September 14, 2006

Are You Valued?

Are you where you want to be?
Are you with those you want to be?
Are you doing what you want to do?
Are you experiencing what you want to experience?

If not, why not?

Could it be that you are not 100% committed to having the life you want?
Could it be that you are conflicted about what you want?
Could it be that you do not totally love yourself?
Could it be that you have expected someone else to give you what you want?
Could it be that you have decided it is selfish to have what you want?
Could it be that you believe you don't deserve to have what you want?
Could it be that you do not truly value your own life?

When we feel or experience being unwanted, it may be that we do not treat ourselves in a loving way.
When we feel too much wanted or needed, it may our worth is dependent on being needed by others.
When we feel we are wanted and then discarded, it may be because we value ourselves conditionally,
When we feel uncertain about our value, we may deny, dismiss or diminish our value.

When you value your own life, you will cherish every day in every way.
When you value your whole life, you will honor all your basic needs, mentally, physically and spiritually.
When you value your inner life, you will give yourself the time and attention you need.
When you value your essential life, you will listen to and learn about your self and your purpose.

When you value yourself, others will experience a YOU that is happy, radiant, giving and fulfilled.

I am valuing you as I value me, giving you the very best I am,
Betty Lue

I want to invite you to our Friday evening fellowship for fun, ispiration, new ways to inspire and transform your lives with healing and joy!
Friday evening will be loving, happy and creative space in which to remember Love and return to wholeness and holiness.
Have you ever imagined a “sacred place” in which you would feel spirit and be inspired to make each day better, brighter, more alive with Goodness and Beauty, Happiness and Peace. Our world needs a better way. Are you seeking a way to make your life and those around you a little better?
Betty Lue