Monday, August 07, 2006


It is amazing what can be accomplished with willingness!

This weekend I was privileged to be a part of an amazing and wondrous Spirit-guided co-creation.
Four interfaith and new thought ministers joined in the co-creation of a new form of leadership: Partnered Leadership.
With each one willing to let go of the need to lead and the willingness to support every other part,
there emerged the natural leader of each aspect of the whole.

Where there is willingness, there is ease, equanimity, listening, intuition, creativity and fun.
Where there is willingness, all parts are filled by those who value all parts/
Where there is willingness, the inspired outcome is accomplished with no brakes on.
Where there is willingness, each one celebrates every other one with full appreciation.
Where there is willingness, truly the experience is fun, safe and easy.

With no judgment, comparison, fear or resistance, enthusiasm escalates. With no withholds, no secrets, no comparison, no false humility, trust reigns. With no separation, no demands, no needs, no criticism, freedom rules. With enthusiasm, trust and freedom, Spirit directs the flow and the outcome is Good.

Let there be willingness in your partnerships.
Let families, couples, business agreements all be guided by inspired willingness.
Let this willingness inspire vision, faith, inspiration, commitment and collaborative action.
Let the outcome at each step be celebrated with innocent and natural joy and appreciation.

My life mate Robert is my willing partner in all aspects of life.
In our joined willingness, with Spirit at the helm, there is nothing we cannot do.
Our appreciation of one another expands and increases our union, our friendship, out trust and our joy.
Love prevails and we smile in love.

I love you and bless you my spiritual partner in your willingness to create a Good Life.
May it be so with our willingness and joining.
Blessed be,
Betty Lue

It’s hot but we have great hats to wear!
Grampa loves to take our pictures!